Branding Identity and Guidelines

Here at Messenger, we excel at developing large-scale branding packages for our nation-wide network of clients. In this example, we’ve developed the same space with four different brands to show how we can adapt and design around the space provided.

Our second concept is for Urban Revolution. Our architects begin by building the space in 3d, while our graphic designers and interior designers develop the branding. Then it all comes together in this 3d visualization.


Color Palette

For color palette, we develop main and secondary palettes. We also provide information like the company who makes that specific color, the name of that color and the color ID associated with it.



Menu Boards

Our graphic designers are well versed in menu design and can create a menu based on your specific brand.



Main Header Signage and Sub-Signage

Originally a sign company, Messenger has ample experience developing signage. For our standard branding package, we design main header signage as well as sub signage. This includes “order here / pick-up” signs and blade signage.




For each brand, we create a typography package to be used as a standard across all platforms with a description of when and how to use each one.



Wall Graphics

Messenger’s graphic designers and interior designers will work together to create several graphics for general use and wall graphic treatment. These designs will be unique and specific to the brand.




Uniforms can be tricky, but Messenger makes it easy by choosing clothing options along with sizes and material.